Art of The Tin Toy

For many years our web site contained a detailed list of toys for sale with pictures and prices. This never worked - not because you didn’t buy the toys but because I did not take off sold items and, even worse, did not put on my new stock for sale. It is a failing of character that I have now accepted is not going to change so instead I will describe the type of toys we have for sale and illustrate a few examples.

I am always happiest selling the types of toy I love and collect myself as my passion is passed on. The following is a brief list of the types of toy that we try to stock.

  1. All 19th century tin European toys to include Buchner, Lutz and Rock &
    Graner boats, horsedrawn carriages, trains, etc.
  2. Noah’s Arks and other early wooden Erzgebirge sets.
  3. Early Gottschalk dolls' houses, stables, kitchens, etc.
  4. Early composition and lead figures ranging in size from ‘0’ gauge up to a size in scale with a large toy limousine.
  5. Novelty toys by Martin, Lehmann and all early hand painted examples.
  6. All pre 1914 Railway items including all accessories as well as the locomotives and cars.
  7. All pre 1940 tinplate cars, boats and aeronautical items.
  8. Penny toys.

In addition any plaything that has a strong visual appeal such as ornate magic lanterns.

Please contact us by email or phone with your interests - we should have something that will appeal. Remember our aim is not only to sell you a toy that you will enjoy but to offer as much or as little advice as you require to enhance the pleasure of ownership.

Examples of current stock below

It is our policy not to deliberately overprice toys that we sell with the intention of offering a high discount. The price of all antique items is negotiable - it is part of the fun of the deal - but please remember that expensive toys usually have small percentage mark ups and thus small percentage discounts.